Jager Schnitzel (Walzwerk, SF)

Jager Schnitzel

Best Jager Schnitzel in SF: Walzwerk
Best Jager Schnitzel in SF: Walzwerk

After a round-robin of German restaurants in San Francisco–heavy eating–Walzwerk laid down the best jager schnitzel I’ve had to date.  The schnitzel is perfectly seasoned in great batter, and the portions are Teutonic, titanic, huge. The spaetzle, a critical element on a schnitzel plate, is simply great.  And the creamy mushroom-onion gravy is fantastic. Amazingly, it’s just $15 at dinner, a terrific value.

Walzwerk German restaurant, San Francisco

The little German restaurant that could, Walzwerk, has a funky-cool interior that’s a paean to East Germany circa 1972. The bathroom has a tiny museum of Communist-era products in a see-through medicine cabinet; the main dining room has mod monochromatic portraits of the Communist Big Three: Marx, Engels, Lenin.Or is Engels Trotsky? Is it tongue-in-cheek or homage? A bit of both, I guess.

Because it’s fairly small, Walzwerk’s seating arrangements might require some wait time and beer so try for dinner on weeknights. But once your table opens up, you’ll probably have a great waitress who’ll get you what you need. Just make up your mind, pronto. Love this place and you should get your jager schnitzel on here.

The Great: Awesome

The Damage: $15

The Skinny: Walzwerk

381 S. Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: (415) 551-7181

Website: www.walzwerk.com

Hours: Open Tue-Sat 5:30pm-10pm


3 thoughts on “Jager Schnitzel (Walzwerk, SF)”

  1. Oh my Goash …. I m getting soooo hungry when I see this … MEMORIESSSSSSS

    Wo ist denn nur mein Jaegerschnitzel vom Walzwerk geblieben ??? hahah na da muss ich wohl bald mal wieder kommen ? ich vermisse euch und meine heimat ” Walzwerk “

  2. Christiane, kudos to you and your staff. I am reminded of the great “meat and potatoes” meal we had when we were in SF. I’m glad to see you are much-appreciated. love, mimi marsha

  3. Thanks so much for this information. I was a student in both Munich and Murnau in Bavaria in the late 1980s and jaeger schnitzel quickly became one of my absolute favorites. I now live in Berkeley, am very interested in the DDR (former East Germany), have heard wonderful things about Walzwerk (including a feature on Deutsche Welle, I believe – may have been another network) and will definitely pay a visit SOON.

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