Schnitzel (Leipzig – Restaurant Centralapotheke)

Best Schnitzel in Leipzig

Perhaps the Best Schnitzel in Leipzig Germany
Perhaps the Best Schnitzel in Leipzig Germany

There are a few places to get excellent schnitzel in Leipzig, Germany. One is the classic Cafe Grundmann (previously reviewed on this site). The other is a sweet cafe that overlooks the lovely old stone square alongside St. Thomas Church, or Thomaskirche ( The Apothekenmuseum Cafe–I think the full name is “Restaurant im Apothekenmuseum”–sits on a great historical location. They have very good service and one of the best beers I had in Germany. Its name sadly eludes me, but as the distinctive glass (shown) pictures an evil villain along the likes of Sherlock Holmes’ mortal enemy Dr. Moriarty, you’ll find it.

The schnitzel at Restaurant im Apothekenmuseum is amazing. I think this schnitzel surpasses Cafe Grundmann (but Grundmann rules for atmosphere, as one of Europe’s truly great historical restaurants). It’s perfectly fried, crisp, and light. The potatoes are buttery, crisp, and tender, with nicely singed strips of onion between the slices. A good hearty salad and a giant pilsner for proper washing. The wide sprinkling of chopped parsley across the whole plate adds some energy and flair. 

The cafe affords good people watching and a good spot for events that happen on the square during summer. Great beer, great schnitzel, great little cafe. 

In German, the menu will say “BRAUMEISTERSCHNITZEL IM BIERSCHAUM mit Bratkartoffeln an knackigem Salat.”

The Grade: Awesome

The Damage: 9.9 Euros

The Skinny: Restaurant Centralapotheke


Thomaskirchhof 12 (see Google map)
04109 Leipzig, Germany
Phone: (From USA) +49 341 2118299
Phone: (in Germany) 0341/2118299



4 thoughts on “Schnitzel (Leipzig – Restaurant Centralapotheke)”

  1. “Bestes Schnitzel von Leipzig.” or
    “Das Beste Schnitzel in Leipzig.” and not; “Best Schnitzel in Leipzig.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was looking for the “Burgermeister” restaurant in Berlin and found the same named in SF and then the link to schnitzel in Leipzig. I like to find German words spread in English text. So you better don´t change your headline.
    If the print on the glass matches the content it´s “Goedecke’s Döllnitzer Ritterguts Goße”
    <Goedecke = Name of the brewer; Döllnitz = 1450 inhabitants-village in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany; Rittergut = farm and mansion (gut = good, here in the meaning of agricultural land with agricultural and residential buildings or a small castle) of a knight (= Ritter); Goße = beer made with special yeast and the water of the river Gose (and pardon me: it´s not a "pilsener"); ß = special German letter called "sz", spoken like the "c" in the English word "sauce".
    The picture of the old man is a completion to the slogan: "Goße ist gesund! Der 84 Jährige nach 50 jährigem Goßetrunk"

    I wish you to have a lot of occasions to drink Goße or any other delicious kind of beer in the next 50 years and more.

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