This page will capture an ongoing ranking of my favorite steaks in the SF Bay Area. (I’ll add more cities like Seattle, New Orleans, Oakland, and Wine Country later.)


First of all, it’s obviously quite hard to screw up a filet mignon. So anything on the filet mignon list should be pretty easy on the tongue.

1. Chez Spencer’s morel mushroom creme sauce and truffle butter over filet mignon – I mean, it’s like a last meal. Incredibly rich but so satisfying. 

2. RNM – seriously impressive filet mignon in the Haight.

3. Colibri Mexican Bistro – underrated restaurant with great food by the theatre district and Union Square, the place should get more recognition. Their filet mignon is a bit small in size but big on taste.


1. Spruce, SF – absolutely smashing beef bavette…one of my favorite restaurants in SF (new to me this year). Gets the highest meatmeister grade, and a great bar scene, great service, and luxury atmosphere. 

Caveat: Possibly the most amazing beef bavette I’ve ever eaten was at Baraka, which sadly closed its doors this year. So look out for whatever restaurant Chef Chad Newton and Sous Chef Ashton Mullikin are working at next…bound to be dynamite.


1. Town Hall, SF – incredible Niman Ranch ribeye – gets the highest meatmeister grade for simplicity, taste, excellence. Killer steak.

BUDGET STEAKS – $20 or under

1. See aforementioned filet mignon at Colibri, SF – just $18. 

2. Flatiron Steak Frites – Chez Maman, SF – $19 – nice, well-grilled flank steak and fries for the price, if you can wait in line to this 15-person eatery in Potrero Hill.

If you’re really hungry, are in SF’s Outer Mission, need a steak, and don’t have much cash in your pockets, there’s the Palace Steakhouse. You can nab a steak, veggies, and a monster baked potato with fixings for just $10. Nothing soul-shaking but no complaints. Filling, decent, and old-school in a funky, charming way.


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