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Wild Game Week – Big 4 Restaurant

Wild Game Week @ Big 4 Restaurant

While Big 4 Restaurant has game a-plenty to cook and serve during the year, this is their special week to shine. Like the Mardi Gras of game meats ready to party with you. The dishes are dear (in price), but I had their saddle of black buck antelope and it was phenomenal. [See my previous dish review.] And there’s Rocky Mountain Wapiti (elk); Sika Deer (Broken Arrow Ranch); and even Llama Rib Eye (Robert’s Ranch, Nebraska). 

You can even start off with a little piranha…how often do you get to eat that? (Before it eats you, random Amazon-wanderer?)

Carnivores of all persuasions, get to Big 4 this week, amid your journeys into SF Cocktail Week bar events. 

Check out the Wild Game Week menu (PDF); then make your Open Table reservation.


Reindeer Quiche



Assuming one can overcome the ‘don’t kill Santa’s flying messenger’ association with ruddy-nosed animals from holiday mythology, reindeer should pose no obstacle for the omnivore. Reindeer is to Finland as cow is to America: the most common national meat sustenance, respectively. Although the reindeer cute factor is admittedly exponentially gigantic, there’s no risk of ecological impact. Reindeer are mighty plentiful in Finland, and smartly raised for work, fun, and eventually, food.

The slight gamey richness of reindeer makes a great ingredient in this quiche at Fazer. If you’re shopping in the neighborhood (across from the famous and wonderful Hotel Kamp), you can duck in to relax and enjoy some local fare. Where else can you get reindeer quiche? (Besides Scandinavia, I mean…)


Rightfully renowned for the best chocolates made in Finland, Fazer also serves up simple dishes like salads, smoked fish plates, egg dishes, and sandwiches in its café. It’s a nice place for a quick, inexpensive bite in Helsinki, and a must-stop to grab chocolates to stuff into Fazer branded dark blue and gold paper bags. 

THE GRADE: Great (3 out of 5)

THE DAMAGE: Cheap. Cheaper if you get in line and take it to a table than have it at the table service (left-hand side of the restaurant).


Kluuvikatu 3, Helsinki FINLAND

Phone: +358 20 729 6701

Website: www.fazergroup.com

Hours: Mon-Fri 11.00-21.30;Sat 12.00-21.30