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Redd Restaurant, Yountville CA

The Spot: Redd, Yountville CA

With all the great restaurants in Northern California’s wine country, it’s hard for visitors to discern which are hype and which are worth the ‘I’m in wine country on vacation so I won’t squawk at the bill’ type of pleasure that all the restaurants here should provide. Thankfully, I found every experience at Redd, and every dish, of the highest quality. It’s among my favorite dining spots in Napa Valley.

Its pristinely simple décor certainly whispers post-modern cool, but Redd’s infused with enough warmth to avoid stuffiness.  Careful, stylish selection of tables, chairs, even silverware, and an occasional eruption of fresh flowers for chlorophyll and color imbue Redd’s refreshingly spartan design.

While I’ve not mused about the etymology of the restaurant’s name, I do admit some warped tendency to picture Redd Foxx. So Redd the restaurant conjures two images: either an old playboy slinging blue phrasings too inappropriate for anything but late-night urban comedy clubs, or an old junk man clutching a heart space beneath the worn flannel plaid shirt between his suspenders, gasping, “Elizabeth! I’m comin’ to join ya, honey!”

We cannot cauterize these odd layers of memory, especially the generations (including me) that have been baptized by the deep-water river of television.  We’re soaked, and our references to culture vulgar. (Are people actually talking to each other about anything on “The Hills?”) But if either of the Foxx pictures were accurately applied to a meal at Redd, it would be the heart clutch and heavenly appeal. Sometimes I glance heavenward after a great meal and give thanks I might stick around for another one with friends, coworkers, or family.  And the meals I’ve had at Redd were that good. Good enough to say, “I could die happy now. Check please.”

Redd, 6480 Washington St, Yountville, CA 94599

Phone: (707) 944-2222
Website: http://www.reddyountville.com/