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Bacon Heart Attack Dinner (7): Bacon Sampler Platter

Bacon Sampler Platter: Bacon Heart Attack

Dissident Chef Bacon Sampler Platter: Fantastic

Dissident Chef Bacon Sampler Platter: Fantastic

Laid out like tiny machines of loving grace, or like a Japanese sushi platter, Dissident Chef’s glorious bacon sampler was a fetishistic array of bacon delights. This displayed the spectrum and variety across the field of dreams otherwise called BACON.

  • Crispy Fatted Calf Bacon
  • Sous Vide Bacon with Apple Cider
  • Artisanal Bacon
  • Hobbs’ Applewood Smoked Bacon
  • Canadian Bacon with green garlic 

Pig Candy

Pig Candy – Lou on Vine, Hollywood

Pig Candy, Lou on Vine, Hollywood CA
Pig Candy, Lou on Vine, Hollywood CA

Lou on Vine provided my first experience with pig candy. And I can’t wait for another one. This is a fantastically simple and terrific appetizer, especially because Lou smokes and cures all his meats.  A small pile of God’s (favorite, most sinful) meat laced with brown sugar and cayenne, then chilled and served like hammered down Lincoln Logs by a drunken father…yeah, that’s the spirit. This stuff is awesome.

The bacon’s texture, hardened by chilling, is very similar to brittle. So pig candy becomes just that, an opportunity to casually snap off bits and idly crunch away. It’s fun, delicious, and yet another incarnation for bacon. This will likely catch on as the catchiest pork appetizer in the U.S….just you wait and see.

The Grade: Awesome/Exceptional (my highest grade)

The Damage: $5

The Skinny: Lou on Vine,724 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Phone: (323) 962-6369
Website: http://www.louonvine.com/

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