Club Sandwich (La Boulange, SF)

Classic Club Sandwich
La Boulange de Hayes


Club Sandwich at La Boulange, SF
Club Sandwich at La Boulange, SF

The Dish: Classic Club Sandwich

Well, La Boulange makes one seriously wicked club sandwich. It is downright inspiring. Perfectly crisp, well done bacon, perfectly toasted layers of bread (or “pain de mie”); a ruddy blushing tomato with fresh-picked flavor; crisp tears of cool lettuce; slightly smoky turkey; and, not for everyone but certainly for clubbers, a fair swipe of mayonnaise. In my book, if you hold the mayo, you don’t get the proper club sandwich taste.

I’m a huge club sandwich fan and it’s always a treat to find a place that actually knows how to make them properly. Merci beaucoup pour La Boulange, for their graceful and well-mannered, perfect club sandwich. I highly recommend the Boulange Club.


La Boulange, Hayes Valley, San Francisco
La Boulange, Hayes Valley, San Francisco

The Spot: La Boulange de Hayes

Boulange is a cool chain restaurant that feels like a well-built hybrid. It’s part Euro-café: simple, clean, well-lit and always at the ready to serve up tasty, reasonably priced fare. It’s also part Bay Area neighborhood hangout where you can get together with friends or colleagues for a lunch or a low-key business conversation without the risk of coffeehouse craziness and other caffeinated social droppings. The exterior – a hopped-up hospital green – certainly makes Boulange easy to see or, at least, hard to ignore. The service is friendly and reasonably fast, there’s indoor and outdoor seating, and the selection (and tastiness) of pastries is usually too tempting to refuse.

The Damage: $8.50 (comes with small green salad or fries)
The Grade: Exceptional (5 out of 5)
The Skinny: La Boulange de Hayes
500 Hayes Street (between Laguna St & Octavia St)
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 863-3376

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