Smothered Chicken (Creole Lunch House, Lafayette LA)



Creole Lunch House is an old home turned diner in Lafayette, the heart of Cajun Country in South Louisiana. It’s a lunchtime favorite with blue-collar workers and downtown office workers alike, and definitely not on the tourist or guidebook radar (yet). You’ll see the oyster shell parking lot and the little wooden sign next to the institutional green wooden siding of the house. The unpretentious décor of Creole Lunch House includes artworks by local artists, although it’s mostly a nice afterthought to the basic tables and chairs. The real art is the food. You’re really there for the little chow line to sample a small smorgasbord of Southern specialties, cooked with love by the Creole ladies of the house.

Little Chow Line at Creole Lunch House, Lafayette LA

THE DISH: SMOTHERED CHICKEN (over rice & gravy)

Southern style smothered chicken would have as many variations as there are Southern grandmothers, but the basic ingredients include onions (yellow and green), celery, bell pepper, oil, flour, salt, and pepper. Some folks use bacon drippings and/or chicken stock to enhance the gravy.

I’m not sure the exact recipe the Creole Lunch House ladies serve, but the smothered chicken there is awesome. And you can choose from a fantastic offering of side dishes that include Southern favorites like rice dressing, rice & gravy, yams, collard greens, and cornbread muffins.

If I lived in Lafayette, I’d probably eat at Creole Lunch House two or three times a week, as the main dishes vary daily, and the hearty plates would be my lunch and a good leftover dinner. (Do you see all that styrofoam take-out packaging??)

To me, the food is more Southern and soul, but there are some Creole specialties as well. This is South Louisiana, after all. The sweet ladles at Creole Lunch House really pile it on the plate, so go hungry.

Smothered Chicken Plate, Creole Lunch House, Lafayette LA


THE DAMAGE: under $9 for a lunch plate and soda. unbelievably cheap.


713 12th Street, Lafayette, LA 70501

Phone: (337) 232-9929

Website:  Nope

Creole Lunch House sign
Creole Lunch House sign


7 thoughts on “Smothered Chicken (Creole Lunch House, Lafayette LA)”

    1. Been here personally and this dish is out of this world, they have Amazing amazing stuffed breads too! Really delicious food!

  1. My favorite cafe for creole food in ths area. Coincidentally, I usually order the smothered chicken, rice and gravy, and greens. Get there early to avoid a line out the door….
    it’s spicy!

  2. I have been going to this place for over 5 years now. The best dish is the smothered chicken and okra . The owner, Ms Merline, is very nice and personable, and the food is always exceptional. However the younger worker ( the dark skin middlle aged lady), usually has a negative attitude, after she serves the food, she never says thank you, other than that the food and Ms Merline make up for the one negative worker there.

  3. OMG, that looks so good. Next time I’m in Lafayette………I always like to save room for boudin balls though for the drive to Baton Rouge.

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